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TSA — reliable agent
in the textile sector

Our mission is to provide apparel market operators of any size and niche with the most suitable for their needs fabrics and textile products on the side of the business partner.

Our values:

To be a reliable agent in the sector representing high quality, sustainable and lean textile manufacturers and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction;

To be at peace with nature by creating and promoting environmental awareness;

To fulfil our social responsibility.


Our services

Provision of agency services
in the selection of fabric
and garment suppliers

Provision of agency services to European fashion brands in the selection of fabric and garment suppliers. We offer European brands a pool of sustainable Turkish fabrics manufacturing factories for the production of clothing, as well as sewing factories, specialized in private label garment production.

Every point that has been previously mentioned will be done on the background of high-quality service: finding fabric manufacturer or/and garment manufacture, quality and terms check, preliminary negotiation, etc.

Problems and solution:

The lack of outsourcing

An agents is buyer for companies

Difficulties to find international suppliers

Research foreign markets and negotiation

Market research

Market research

Fabric quality

Fabric quality

Choice of commercial terms

Choice of commercial terms

Preliminary negotiation

Preliminary negotiation

Our Suppliers

Pi Kumascilik


Aleksandra Arenina,
Founder of TSA


Phone : +371 203 269 88

Whatsapp+371 203 269 88

Telegram+371 203 269 88

Instagram: tsa.lv

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